our family 2014

our family 2014

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well we had our Doctor (just like Daddy)!!! and our last minute pumpkin. So Samuel was actually going to be Jacob's patient (wearing a skeleton sleeper that Jacob wore his first Halloween), but the sleeper was WAY to big for Samuel, and I didn't realize this until it was an hour before we needed to leave for the Halloween party. OOPS! So with the Jack-o-lantern hat, orange shirt (stuffed with a burp rag to round him out a bit), and brown pants we had ourselves a pumpkin!!!!

Samuel and Jacob

mom and dad visiting

It was so nice to have Mom and Dad here just after Samuel was born!!!!

EAT ME!!!!

Catch up-Big News!!!

So here is our sweet little Samuel!!!! We love him so much. Jacob is adapting really well. He loves to hold him, and to be a big helper. Jacob almost never calls him Samuel, instead I think he prefers to call him "Jacob's baby brother."
Samuel was 7 pounds 8 oz, and 19 inches long, born on October 11th.

Proud Daddy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Awesome day!!!!

So I went to the mothers of twin sale looking for a sit and stand stroller. I didn't find one (which meant that I have now looked in every possible place I could and can now get the one-that is reasonably prices- that I want). We went and picked it up today. Love it!!!! Just so you don't think this morning was too sad, I was actually so excited about finding the best toys, mostly for Jacob. I found a shake 'n go track with 4 cars for only $10 =0! I also found a shape sorter that I thought would be a blast for the baby (and Jacob, because he loves them) to play with eventually. Of course I found some clothing, but I have to say I was a little disappointed in the 0-3 months for boys section. It was mostly PJs, which I already have from Jacob. Good shopping day!!!

So Jacob talks all the time, and my new favorite word that he says is delicioun (aka delicious). When he was eating yogurt yesterday, after every bite he would say "delicioun." I tried to get him to say it right, which he could, but then still said delicioun after every bite. So just to correct you all it is now delicioun!!!! Man I love that little guy, he is just so cute!!!!

Just to let you all know what JJ is up to. First we are so excited to have him home, even if he is super busy in this rotation. He has been loving his orthopedic rotations, and has really been able to show them what a great person and student-doctor he is. We are so proud of him, but I can't wait until this audition time is all over, then I will finally have my husband back.

Well this is the final count down; 3 weeks before our new little man comes to join us!!!! (unless he decides to come early-I just need to finish Jacob's scrubs for Halloween, so he can work on baby brother's bones--skeleton sleeper).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So yesterday was a very big day for Jacob. He has not been interested in potty training at all. We have tried several times, and he just doesn't seem interested. Well yesterday he woke up ask if he could wear Lightening McQueen pants (some pull ups that we have). I told him only if he would go potty in the big boy toilet. So he went to go sit on the toilet and nothing happened (which is what would usually happen when we tried before), but I still let him wear the pull ups since he tried. Then a little later he was giving that face like he was pooing, and I asked him if he wanted to go in the big boy toilet; he said no. Then the next thing I know he walks into the bathroom takes off him pants and pull ups off and sit on the toilet. THEN HE DID IT, he POOPED in the toilet all by himself. I was so proud of him. Now if we could just get him to pee in the toilet. It's a good start and hopefully he continues to want to be a big boy! Yesterday was also the first time Jacob drew and object. Jacob loves to color (and does pretty good at it), but has never really drawn anything. Well he drew a fish yesterday and we were so excited. I just can't believe how fast he is growing up!!! Oh another momentous occasion, Jacob has also started to read this month. We have been teaching him some sight words. This kiddo just loves to learn. JJ and I are so proud of him. We love you kiddo!

So this weekend is also a big occasion too! This weekend JJ and I will have been married for 5 years. Wow time flies when you are having fun. It kind of feels like we have been married longer, and at the same time I can't believe that it has been 5 years already. I truly can't imagine my life without this wonderful man. I am so lucky to have him with me forever. Love you honey!!!!!!

This Saturday I will also be 36 weeks along!!! I can't wait until we meet our new little man. Now if we could only decide on a name. That is the million dollar question. So what do you all think; here are the 4 we have it narrowed down to...
Samuel LeBaron Taylor, Benjamin LeBaron Taylor, Thomas LeBaron Taylor, Bentley LeBaron Taylor?

So Ohio has been fun, this month I have finished so many projects. I finished the throw pillows for the family room, I finished the pillows that go in the basement, and made new bedding (new duvet cover, pillow cases, through pillows, and even matching wall decor). I rearranged the family room, dining room, and our bedroom. I also made a car seat canopy, flannel receiving blanket (since this baby is a fall and winter baby), and dressed up a burp rag to match. Pictures coming soon. I still have about 8 more projects that I want to get done before out little guy joins us. Wish me luck!! I think I was trying to keep myself busy while JJ was gone on a rotation. The weather is finally turning fall, which I just love!

Monday, August 22, 2011

What we have been up to.

So sorry, I have been slacking. Part of me is thinking what would I write about, and the other part is thinking that there is too much that has happened. I don't know if that is really possible, and if it doesn't make sense I blame it on being pregnant. I now have less then 2 months left, before our no name baby comes to see us. I guess JJ and I should decide on a name, but we are both kind-of stubborn and like different names.
JJ has been enjoying his rotations so far in his fourth year. We are so releaved, proud, and excited that JJ is DONE with his Step 2 Board Tests!!!!!! No just the waiting game of interviews and "THE residency MATCH." I don't know if I can wait until February to find out where we will be for the next 5 years. Waiting games.
Jacob is doing great, even though sometimes I feel like a monster has taken over his body. I know I am his Mom and is my job to proud and bias, but we have one smart cookie!!!! Before Jacob was 2 he knew his entire alphabet, and not just order but truly recognized all the letters. He knew his numbers 1-20, and 1-10 in spanish (which he learned from his cousin in 1 weekend that they spent together in Tucson). Jacob is now 3 and has picked up on phonics (for the most on his own). He is just so eagar to learn; it has always been something that we have been able to use to keep him occupide. So a couple of weeks ago, JJ started to see if Jacob wanted to learn how to read. We have been spelling some words with him for a while, like his name and small 3 letter words. So Jacob can now spell words like love, family, prayer. We use this colage of words (by the kitchen table) that I made about a year ago from conference October 2010 conference topics that stuck out to our little family. HE IS JUST AMAZING, I'm just saying.
We had so much fun in AZ even though we missed JJ when he was in Oregan (doing a rotation). It was hard to leave our family, but it was nice to come home, and I was so glad that we pretty much left the home spotless. So now I think that the correct word is nesting, but I always enjoy orgnizing. I have started to deep clean every room in our house and reorganizing to make space work better for our family. The main floor is pretty much done, but now I need to work on the bedrooms. Which means that I can finally get the babies things completely ready. I just need about another 4-5 weeks before this guy can come. We are so excited to have our little family of four!!!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Official

Okay, we went to the doctor the other day, and it is official we are having another sweet little boy. I just hope that I can keep up with this one too. Jacob is a very sweet, energetic, rambunctious, and adventurous little boy, and if the next one is anything like his older brother I will have my hands full. But we are very excited!!!!! I would love to have another boy like Jacob. He is my little helper and a total cuddlier (sometimes a little too cuddly). I love you little man!!! I have already gone through all of Jacob's old clothes and it's amazing how little we will need (at least for the first 6 months; I haven't looked past that.) even though they are born on opposite seasons.
Well now I am going to be totally out numbered, but Jacob usually sides with me when it comes to tickle wars! Poor JJ, but maybe we will have even teams this time around.
So JJ is officially done with 3rd year. He is taking his last test for 3rd year right now!!!!! We are so proud and excited to start 4th year. This next year will go by so fast. I really can't wait to be out of limbo, and know where we will be for 5 years of residency.

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 down 1 to go!!!!

So JJ is Officially done with his 3rd year rotations. He only has 1 more test for the year overall. (Well and he has 2 board tests coming up, but that is technically 4th year.) We are so proud of him and all that he has done. I just have to say that he has kicked some serious bum, but for all those that really know him you wouldn't expect anything less. He is such a hard and dedicated worker!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!! Yeah we are almost done, just 1 more year before residency!!!!

Jacob is just getting so big and just surprises us all the time. He is also incredibly strong. A few months back we put a child door nob on the inside of his bedroom door, and he was so mad because he didn't want to stay in bed that he ripped it off. I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time removing those things. Jacob is obsessed with the alphabet, and lately he has loved the show "Super Why." It using letter, phonics, spelling and reading. He loves sounding out the letters and he even has picked up on some spelling certain words. I was surprised the other day that he kept saying "c-o-r-n; corn."

I am doing fine. The morning (or in my case evening) sickness has finally passed!!!! YEAH!!! I just keep wanting to get things ready for this baby, so I have started to go through every room and trying to find things that we no longer need. I hopefully my box of things gets much bigger. I just always feel like we have too much stuff (meaning junk) that we just don't use. I think that I am just an organizer freak. I enjoy it way too much. I love to find a more productive way of using our space!!!! We can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl; we find out in just over a week!! What do you think????

I know that we all can't wait for 4th year to begin, it is going to be filled so much fun, busy, and life changing events!!! Bring it on. I have a feeling that this next year is going to fly.
We love you all!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's about time

I have been thinking about this for about a year or so, and I am finally doing it. We are going PRIVATE. So if you still want to see our blog let me know!!!! I hope all our friends and family are doing fantastic. Love you all!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So the whole card may be a bit early,
but this is how our families found out!

So after try for a year, including losing a baby this last summer,
I am pleased to say that Jacob is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!! We are so very excited to add to our little family (this October)!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


It was such a nice weekend. JJ got to be home (instead of needed to go in Saturday morning--since they were super slow on his rotation). On Saturday, it was so fun to explain to Jacob that we got to watch Conference or how he would say it "confence." Even though I know he didn't totally understand why were watching. It was fun to point out the Prophet to him, and the Apostles. Jacob even called a few of the older ones "Jesus." I know that JJ and I were able to enjoy the weekend, with some distractions of a very energetic little boy! What a privilege to listen to the wonderful talks. All though I have to tell you, being in Ohio and not watching until 12:00pm, 4:00, and Priesthood at 8:00 is totally weird. However, I still enjoyed some girl time with some ladies in the ward (Jacob had a super late nap, and ended up going with me and stayed up until JJ got home). I know I must be a bad Mom for letting him stay up so late, but we had fun together!!!! I sure love my boys!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catch up!

Oops! I usually try to post at least once (hopefully more) a month, but I just missed February. It is just too short, but at the same time it seemed like it lasted forever. I got my hopes all up over the weather. It was being very strange and it actually was feeling warm...it got into the 40's, 50's and barely into the 60's. I was so excited the snow was gone, and the sun was out!!!!! And of course Jacob and I got sick. Just a cold and Jacob also got a cough, but this meant that we didn't get to enjoy in the good weather that didn't last. Before we knew it there was snow again. Now that I have lived in the snow I can say that I hate it. Mostly I hate driving in it, and having to stay inside because the wind here is horrible. But there are a few pluses...Jacob loves to play in it (for about 30-40 minutes), it can be beautiful just after freshly fallen snow, and Jacob just gets so excited when he sees the snow fall. It has actually warmed up a little now and the snow is all gone again (hopefully for good). The weather has been great that Jacob and I have been going on little wakes together. He just loves to be outside!!!! Other then the weather there is not much to report. We are all doing great. We love spending as much time as possible together; even though with JJ's crazy schedule that is not too much (but he is a great help to me. Love you honey!).
Jacob is totally and completely obsessed with puzzles. The simple ones (put this shape in the right place), or full on kid puzzles. It doesn't matter he loves them all. I honestly don't know the last time that they were all put away. He is also in love with books. One of his favorites is "How do Dinosaurs eat all their Food." He just checked it out from the library after about 3 months of not getting it, and he still knows the story. He started to read by himself before we even left the library. I think that this is going to be one that we need to get for him.
We I will try to be better about posting and keeping you all updated.

Monday, January 31, 2011

So I decided that I needed to post something since it has been almost 2 months. Sorry. December was fun and crazy busy. Between finishing gifts, enjoying to season, visiting family and getting JJ done with one rotation only to get him ready for another after Christmas. It has been crazy, needless to say.
We had fun visiting family in AZ, but decided that it wasn't long enough. We were only in AZ for about 1 week, and had hardly any down time. But I have to admit that I loved very bit of it. It was so good to see family. And a special Thanks to our good friends Adam and Laura for coming to a family event just so we could catch up. It was so good to see you guys.
Thank heavens we flew Southwest, because we used every possible free luggage we could (6 checked bags, and we each had a personal item and a carry-on. Jacob included since we had to buy him his own seat.) Thank you to all for all the wonderful gifts! We all have enjoyed them, especially Jacob!

So January has been crazy too.
(ME) I have been going through every room and deciding what needs to be packed (because we aren't using it now, but don't want to give it up), what needs to find a better place to keep it, what needs to be given away, and what needs to be thrown away. I have been working on this all month and I am only about half way done with the house. I also rearranged the family room and the dinning room, without moving too much so I didn't have to redue the large picture arrangements on the large walls.

JJ has been busy with his Cardiology rotation (which he loved), but is starting his Rural rotation in orthopedics today! We are also trying to figure out JJ's 4th year schedule, calling and applying to the possible residency places to see if he can do an "audition rotation" aka "away rotation." So pretty much the fall is going to stink, because JJ will be gone so much. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Jacob has been just as busy and crazy. We have a neighbor that is doing a little music class, that he is really enjoying. Jacob is also taking 2 classes at the local rec. center. He is doing Sporties for Shorties, which he enjoys but starts to get a little bored by the end of class (which is 45 minutes). The other class is Tiny Tumblers. HE LOVES THIS CLASS!!! He hates to leave. He loves to walk on the balance beams, and to jump off the vault. He is learning how to do a somersault and a backwards somersault. He loves to jump on the spring floor (a slightly spring mat on a rectangular trampoline). Jacob is enjoying hanging on the bars and trying to hold his legs out. It is just so much fun to see him learn and enjoy his fun activities. Plus he just loves getting out of the house. It is just too cold to do anything really outside, except for the occasional time we play in the snow (which he loves!!!!! I can't wait until there is enough snow and it is wet enough to make a snowman. Jacob loves snowmen. He has this book called "Snowmen and Christmas" that I use to have to read every night before he went to bed. I read it so much that I still have it memorized. Jacob is even practicing his stretches and the beginnings of a somersalut as I post this blog. Well, I better go help him!

Overall we are doing great here is OHIO, I just can't wait until spring!
*Pictures soon!