our family 2014

our family 2014

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Awesome day!!!!

So I went to the mothers of twin sale looking for a sit and stand stroller. I didn't find one (which meant that I have now looked in every possible place I could and can now get the one-that is reasonably prices- that I want). We went and picked it up today. Love it!!!! Just so you don't think this morning was too sad, I was actually so excited about finding the best toys, mostly for Jacob. I found a shake 'n go track with 4 cars for only $10 =0! I also found a shape sorter that I thought would be a blast for the baby (and Jacob, because he loves them) to play with eventually. Of course I found some clothing, but I have to say I was a little disappointed in the 0-3 months for boys section. It was mostly PJs, which I already have from Jacob. Good shopping day!!!

So Jacob talks all the time, and my new favorite word that he says is delicioun (aka delicious). When he was eating yogurt yesterday, after every bite he would say "delicioun." I tried to get him to say it right, which he could, but then still said delicioun after every bite. So just to correct you all it is now delicioun!!!! Man I love that little guy, he is just so cute!!!!

Just to let you all know what JJ is up to. First we are so excited to have him home, even if he is super busy in this rotation. He has been loving his orthopedic rotations, and has really been able to show them what a great person and student-doctor he is. We are so proud of him, but I can't wait until this audition time is all over, then I will finally have my husband back.

Well this is the final count down; 3 weeks before our new little man comes to join us!!!! (unless he decides to come early-I just need to finish Jacob's scrubs for Halloween, so he can work on baby brother's bones--skeleton sleeper).

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Lindsay said...

Kimberly, what clothing items are you looking for specifically? I probably can dig some stuff out of my bins to send to you!! Message me on Facebook or call or text and I'd be happy to look. :)