our family 2014

our family 2014

Monday, January 31, 2011

So I decided that I needed to post something since it has been almost 2 months. Sorry. December was fun and crazy busy. Between finishing gifts, enjoying to season, visiting family and getting JJ done with one rotation only to get him ready for another after Christmas. It has been crazy, needless to say.
We had fun visiting family in AZ, but decided that it wasn't long enough. We were only in AZ for about 1 week, and had hardly any down time. But I have to admit that I loved very bit of it. It was so good to see family. And a special Thanks to our good friends Adam and Laura for coming to a family event just so we could catch up. It was so good to see you guys.
Thank heavens we flew Southwest, because we used every possible free luggage we could (6 checked bags, and we each had a personal item and a carry-on. Jacob included since we had to buy him his own seat.) Thank you to all for all the wonderful gifts! We all have enjoyed them, especially Jacob!

So January has been crazy too.
(ME) I have been going through every room and deciding what needs to be packed (because we aren't using it now, but don't want to give it up), what needs to find a better place to keep it, what needs to be given away, and what needs to be thrown away. I have been working on this all month and I am only about half way done with the house. I also rearranged the family room and the dinning room, without moving too much so I didn't have to redue the large picture arrangements on the large walls.

JJ has been busy with his Cardiology rotation (which he loved), but is starting his Rural rotation in orthopedics today! We are also trying to figure out JJ's 4th year schedule, calling and applying to the possible residency places to see if he can do an "audition rotation" aka "away rotation." So pretty much the fall is going to stink, because JJ will be gone so much. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Jacob has been just as busy and crazy. We have a neighbor that is doing a little music class, that he is really enjoying. Jacob is also taking 2 classes at the local rec. center. He is doing Sporties for Shorties, which he enjoys but starts to get a little bored by the end of class (which is 45 minutes). The other class is Tiny Tumblers. HE LOVES THIS CLASS!!! He hates to leave. He loves to walk on the balance beams, and to jump off the vault. He is learning how to do a somersault and a backwards somersault. He loves to jump on the spring floor (a slightly spring mat on a rectangular trampoline). Jacob is enjoying hanging on the bars and trying to hold his legs out. It is just so much fun to see him learn and enjoy his fun activities. Plus he just loves getting out of the house. It is just too cold to do anything really outside, except for the occasional time we play in the snow (which he loves!!!!! I can't wait until there is enough snow and it is wet enough to make a snowman. Jacob loves snowmen. He has this book called "Snowmen and Christmas" that I use to have to read every night before he went to bed. I read it so much that I still have it memorized. Jacob is even practicing his stretches and the beginnings of a somersalut as I post this blog. Well, I better go help him!

Overall we are doing great here is OHIO, I just can't wait until spring!
*Pictures soon!