our family 2014

our family 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

more projects done 10/2012-6/2013

With Sam getting so big, and another baby on the way, we decided to make a bunk bed for the boys. Jacob was big enough to be on top and Sam would soon be transferring to larger bed. So after looking on line and finding lots of different tutorials. I decided to take their advise and then just build our own how we wanted it. Keep in mind I was pregnant, and the Ohio humidity, it toke me several months to finish, plus JJ had to help me put it together because I was 7 months pregnant at that point. We are super happy with how it turned out and the boys love it!! Which makes it all worth while!

Also, an advent calendar I made for my Mom., and our pumpkin for trunk or treating (the mouth is open for the bowl of candy)!

Recent projects

So I have been crazy busy with the holidays, my wonderful boys, and feeling extremely crafty. I absolutely love to work with wood, and to sew. So here are some things that I have done recently...quilts, holiday signs, center pieces for my church Christmas party, center piece for my table, snowman, tree for the "25 days of Christ", vinyl nativity on battery candles (vinyl from Say it on the Wall), wood pallet pumpkins, diaper pouches, and a sign for my room (all it needs is the right phrase for it). This has all been done in the last 6 months. I love to craft!