our family 2014

our family 2014

Monday, November 3, 2008

So it has been so long since I've been on here. We have all been so busy. I have a boutique that I'm envolved in on Saturday. So I have been trying to get everything ready for it. It has been hard to post any pictures since our computer died.

JJ is almost done with his first quarter at medical school. We are all so excited.

Jacob is getting so big, so fast. He was a cute skeleton for his first Halloween. Also, he started eating food. Well rice ceareal. He doesn't really like it. But he did enjoy sucking on a piece of canteloupe yesterday.

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Nate and Kristen said...

Wow! You sound like a busy lady! Good luck with the boutique! If I can get a chance to stop by, I will. I have a nephew's baptism that day, so I'll try.