our family 2014

our family 2014

Friday, November 28, 2008

How Fun!

Jacob had a fun time this Thanksgiving weekend. He was happy. He ate some mashed potatoes, and didn't like them as much as sweet potatoes. Oh well! He can't like everything this young. Jacob just loves to sit up, even though he is still wobbly.

JJ has loved having is break and is excited to go back to school. It has been wonderful having so much time to spend with him, and to watch him be such an amazing Daddy to Jacob. I am so proud of him and the hard work he has put into doing so well in medical school. Jacob and I both love him so much. You should see how much Jacob lights up when JJ comes home from school. He is always so excited to see his Daddy, and just can't wait to play with him.

I had a ton of fun making a wreath this year. I bought a plain wreath and used extra ornaments and ribbon that I had around the house, and then I bought battery powered lights. It was so much fun, I want to do it again. I am in a very crafty mood.

It is only 27 days until Jacob's 1st Christmas!!!!!!
We put up and decorated the Christmas tree yesterday, and Jacob is just so fascinated with lights. Oh, how fun. I can't wait!


Brianna said...

Wow, he looks just like JJ.

Jennifer and Scott Salmon said...

Jacob is so cute! And I am glad JJ had a nice break and is likeing medical school too.

joeandmaegen said...

your card and family are so cute not to mention the wreath too your so talented. Merry Chistmas