our family 2014

our family 2014

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well we made it to Columbus Ohio all in one piece! We have been busy with getting the apartment ready, and dealing with getting a washer and dryer, and microwave. We have been so busy trying to find a place for everything. (pictures of the apartment soon) Just busy, busy, busy.

Well our little boy is 2 years old. I am so glad that we had his birthday early. We got here the afternoon before his birthday, but man it was so busy that we really didn't have much time to celebrate his birthday. Jacob is so smart. By 2, he knows and loves his numbers 1-10 and his alphabet. About a week before we moved Jacob and I were in Mesa with my Mom and Karl. We split up so that we could get what we needed. My Mom had no problems finding us, because Jacob was yelling all the numbers that he could see. He was so excited. Now he is 2 years and 1 week and already almost has the numbers 11-20 down pat. He is so smart, just like his Daddy!!!! Things that Jacob loves: numbers, letters, chicken(especially orange chicken from Panda), COOKIES, blocks, cars, STAIRS (our apartment has an up stairs for the bedrooms and he just loves to go up and down them), shapes, coloring, movies--Cinderella, Cars, Incredibles, juice, puzzles, panda bear, slides, balls, and lining up anything and everything!!!! That's our little boy; we love him so much.


Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

jacob is so cute! I am so glad you got there safe and I can't wait to see pictures of the apartment!

Matt, Anslin, Brooklyn said...

This is a belated comment but I am glad you guys are getting settled. We miss having you here. Brooklyn's even asked for Jacob a few times. Hope you are well and happy!