our family 2014

our family 2014

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So JJ is finishing his last quarter of classes!!!! I am so excited with this new schedule. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday JJ is done with classes by noon!!!! Even though he needs to study (which he does at home), it is nice because Jacob takes his nap at about 12:30. So while Jacob is sleeping and JJ is studying at home I can run errands!!!!! I love my son, but it is so nice to go by myself.

I have now packed 7 boxes, but I still have so much to pack! I just want everything to go smoothly. JJ will be very busy studying for his board tests, and we will be moving the day after his test. Lots to do, with plenty of time. I figure if a do some boxes evey week then I won't get too stressed out.

Jacob is just getting so big. He is started to talk so much, even though he doesn't articulate too well yet. I just love it!!!!

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James & Tara Huish said...

Wow! That's an AWESOME schedule!! Good luck with the packing. BELIEVE ME, I know how it feels:) We can't wait to have you closer to us! Make sure you call us if you need help with anything!